Organic and Non-GMO Forum - St. Louis, MO

Had a great time visiting St. Louis for the organic and non-gmo forum Nov 6-7, 2017.  There were many topics that were discussed which included supply chain issues, growing opportunities, and challenges that many face in the industry.  Whether you are a producer, processor, or manufacturer there were several topics that you would have gained insight and better understanding of those challenges.

One of those challenges is getting more growers to start growing organic products.  There has been attempts to create a market of transitional premiums to attract more producers to organic.  Those premiums, good or bad for the industry, are gaining traction but have a long road ahead.   

Tim was chosen to be on a panel to get a producers perspective of transitioning to organic along with 2 others.  There was good discussion and the highlights from the panel, some key points were;  there shouldn't be anything done to shortening the 3 year transitional period, approaching the period with a systematic and thoughtful approach is the best, think of it as an investment in your livelihood and environment.

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